NIZCARE HARNESSES tech to create futuristic Virtual Clinics and Hospitals

You can touch lives, Digitize & Pioneer, an online healthcare revolution in the making.

Our products are built to streamline processes and to blend seamlessly with the healthcare ecosystem of Doctors, hospitals and clinics while positively impacting practice through higher patient footfalls, better retention and increased brand visibility

Create your own App and e-Smart Clinic Management System

With Nizcare's built-in tools & custom templates, Doctors can simply create a personalized medical management system tailored to their needs. We help you navigate complexities like "App Development", "System Building" & "One size fits all”

Challenges and Solutions

-High cost of rental, infrastructure and publicity is an issue

  • Nizcare helps Doctors to set up and launch within minutes
  • a) A personalized, full functional clinic app
  • b) Web page for establishing virtual practice
  • Automated communication for patient outreach, patient care reduces cost
  • We help doctors improve their brand recall and visibility with their personalized digital tools - managed and controlled from their personal dashboard

-Challenges of meeting the long patients queue, meeting patient expectations and scanning through bulky records

  • Pre registration using QR Codes :
  • a) Simplifies OPD management
  • b) Empowers clinic to offer their services online
  • c) Reduces patient wait time, paper work and manual intervention
  • Online payment processing, online capture of patient details and digitized records submission for ready access helps in better patient management and improves clinical outcomes
  • Digitalised end to end of patient experience enhances patient satisfaction

-NO SHOW, Reducing patient leakages and improving patient conversions

  • Real time appointment slots, hassle free booking, on demand reservation
  • Dedicated clinic app for patients to avail online services with pre-paid booking facility to lower leakages and retain patients
  • Automated appointment reminders and convenient rescheduling for patients. Lowers cancellation rate

-Improper slot utilization & time management

  • Managing gaps in clinic time with online consultation and instant consultation online is possible
  • Syncing of appointments with practice schedule maximizes slot utility and prevents duplication of slot bookings and provides better time management
  • Hassle free time management - seamless syncing of clinic OPD and online consultation schedules
  • Maximize slot utility, prevent duplication of slot bookings

-Slow Patient payment collection

  • Instant payments for an array of services - physical and online consultations, home care. Enable healthy cash flow

-Spend less time doing paperwork and devote more time for your patient

  • Convenient financial management with online payment and performance tracking for enhancing growth
  • Skimmable reports to counter misappropriation Prompt account settlements and simplified calculations for daily account tally

-Administrative problems owing to receptionist’s unavailability becomes an issue

  • Nizcare’s simple modules for managing the clinic from the doctor's dashboard reduces staff dependency
  • User friendly technology is easy to learn and to train
  • Ensure safety of staff, social distancing and minimize physical contact with zero touch, state-of-the-art tele-consultations
  • With dedicated manpower & extensive training, Nizcare handholds every doctor to transform their clinic from manual to digital
  • Password protected medical e-lockers for storing health records and latest technology to ensure data safety and security
  • User friendly technology can be easily integrated with day to day practice and scaled up to incorporate additional capacity

Our Products

Doctor App Patient App

Why Nizcare?

At Nizcare, we help digitize your practice and clinical footprint. Now you can save time, save manpower, save paper & transcend red tape while we act as an extension to help you address your challenges better. Doctors/Clinic can simply create a personalized medical management system tailored to their needs. You focus on your practice. We do the systems.

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How it Works

Create Your Own Clinic App

Amplify your patient base & boost earning with Nizcare Smart Clinic Dashboard - Transformation of Health and Care together

Download Nizcare For Doctor App

And offer

  • Manage OPD, generate e-prescriptions
  • Video/Audio/Text Consultation
  • Dynamic Appointment scheduling & follow ups
  • Home health care
  • Clinic exclusive app for your patients
  • Track and follow your patients to prevent leakage
  • Monitor patient vitals
  • Save patient health record in medical locker

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